OpenView HD installers Pretoria

About OpenView HD

OpenView HD brings you a wonderful new world of multichannel TV in digital quality without monthly fees. You only pay once for equipment and installation. Once you're ready to go, it's absolutely free! There are no monthly fees, no contracts, just a once-off purchase of OpenView HD decoder, dish and installation. Openview HD is a new platform to bring HD channels to South Africans for free.

It's easy to get up and running with OpenView HD. Just follow these three simple steps:

  1. Buy your OpenView HD equipment (decoder, dish with installation) from Optimal TV and independent OVHD installer and wholesale supplier.
  2. INSTALL AND ACTIVATE: After Optimal TV completed your OVHD installation our approved OpenView HD installer will activate your OVHD system.
  3. ENJOY FOREVER: Sit back and enjoy the wonderful experience of multichannel satellite TV with no monthly fees or contract
You don't need to subscribe to OVHD. OpenView HD is free. All you need is an OpenView HD Digital Decoder and satellite dish - there are no monthly fees and no contracts

You buy the hardware, you get it installed and the service is free.
All you need is an OpenView HD Digital Decoder and a Satellite dish. Then, it's free forever!


OpenView HD is South Africa's new satellite TV with over 10 new channels, including some in glorious HD. You get to keep the channels you love with coverage anywhere in South Africa, no contracts, no monthly fees. Get all of this, but only pay once and enjoy forever.
You'll have access to more channels, up to 8-days on screen programme guide (EPG), crystal clear digital quality pictures and improved stereo sound. And it's free, forever.
Wonderful isn't it!

OpenView HD is available to all South Africans. The OpenView HD Satellite service (received via satellite) covers the whole of South Africa.
OpenView HD channel offering caters for the whole family.

On OpenView HD, you'll get 15 channels, crystal clear digital quality pictures and sound, radio channels - and there will be more channels added.

Optimal TV can offer you OpenView HD istallations and repairs in the Pretoria and Centurion aria.